Friday, April 20, 2007

Pontiac Lake TT

Well the first race of the year was last weekend out at PLRA. It turned to be a really nice day, the sun was out, but there was a cool wind. All week leading up to the race all the talk on mmba was about how bad the trail was going to be. Well guess it what it was just about perfect come race day.
Usually this race is not until about a month from now. Pontiac is not an easy place to start the race season, so I really didnt know what to expect. This was also about my 4th or 5th ride on the new bike, which I just had fitted a couple days before the race.
The legs were burning at the start but I got into a rythm and by about the time I hit the first big hill I was moving along at a decent pace. I passed my teammate Todd at about the first mile, he was on the side of the trail with a broken chain. Which he broke again later in the race.
My time was 53:00, which is my slowest race time in the past 3 years. But this was a early race, so hopefully that is the reason why this was the best that I could do.

I really like the way the bike feels now after the fitting. At first it felt like the seat was up way to high, so I lowered it just a bit. But the bike feels like it handles much better than it did before. I wish I would of had this done earlier, but I am happy that I finally did it.