Monday, November 19, 2007

Munson Park CX

I finally got a set of new wheels for the bike last week. I was able to find a killer deal on a set tubular ksyriums. I had kinetic systems put on a set bright yellow tufo tires, wow it looks cool! 19.77lbs right now, my goal is to get it down to 18 so I can put it on plusone laps blog!
Munson park, flat, windy, and one big hill in middle pretty much sums it up. More of a roadie course, but this year they did mix in some cool technical sections and 3 runs.
The race, well it kind of went downhill fast for me. When I had the bike in the shop I was told to double check everything to make sure it was all tight. Well I didnt double check everything, I missed one thing, of course the part that was loose. I rode the bike saturday with no issues. Then sunday about 3 minutes before the race I realized the seat tube was loose! There was some tape that marked the height that was kind of holding it up, so I had to rush over to Jack`s bike shops tent and luckily one of the guys had a multitool. Well the problem was I didnt get the seat back up to the correct height, I was probably an inch or a inch and a half too low. Soon as the race started I could feel it in my legs. I was able to ride with a group, I think we were 7-10th place most of the race. I pulled one lap, Brian on the rhino`s pulled for a lap also. On the thrid lap I was just about to make a move and attack my group, I shifted up to the big ring and my chain fell off! Then I couldnt get it back on, got my glove stuck in between my chain and the chainring and my group was long gone. I wound up in 11th place, just because of one mistake. That is really the most annoying thing about only racing for 30 minutes, it is just about impossible to recover from a problem. I am going to look at my points for the series this week and see if there is anyway I can get 5th. I am thinking probably not, if that is the case I am going to do the B race in waterford. I am planning on moving up next year anyways.

Mike was out filming again, here is the latest.

Iceman 07

I dont really know what to say about the Iceman this year. The whole weekend was a rush, changed plans etc... On the plus side I got in engaged on saturday after the race, but downside was that I thought I broke some ribs and separated my shoulder. The race started out bad for me, I dont know if it was the lack of sleep, hydration or what. But pretty much right from the start my legs felt tight, and never really recovered. I remember one of the first little hills, and my legs were just screaming, I didnt know how I was going to go another 20 miles, with a lot hills at the end of the course.

I got a good start there were over 100 people my group, so we lined up on the line and gave it a pretty hard sprint.

I was able to hold up a decent pace for about 7 miles, but I could not get my heart rate to come down. Eventually I just backed off the pace, and spun all the hills. I had to walk a couple, mostly because of traffic, one because I just needed to walk it. I crashed once in the sand, it was either that or plow into a slow rider in front of me. I made all the hills at the end, and was got tangled up with one of my teammates at the end in the sprint. I ended up going into the fence in what was I am sure a very spectacular crash, judging by the sound of the crowd and the applause I got just for getting up and back on the bike. I really thought I had broken some ribs, which I guess I didnt. The soreness went away that night, but my shoulder was quite sore for a few days after the race. My seat got all messed, my gps cracked, and I was finally over the line in about 2:24. Still faster than last year by a few minutes, but no where near my goal.
I had planned on popping the question on friday, but noelle got stuck working that day. So the next idea was going to be after the race, but I was no shape to do much of anything. So we just went back to the condo and everyone else went back to the race, and I just asked to her right then. That was by far the highlight of my weekend. We had everyone over from the team for a after race party, so it was fun to share news with a bunch of friends.

You can order your own copy of the video from mike:

Monday, November 05, 2007

Vets Park Double Header

What a great place to do a double weekend. Veterans park has to be one of the best cross venues around, lots of elevation, some flats, off camber sections, really the possibilities are endless.
The weather was much more cross like also, at least for the lowly C race`s which I did.
Saturday the course was set up with really steep run up, some other steep climbs behind the pavilion.

Sunday the course was set up in the opposite direction, for the most part. The steep run up from Saturday was a steep downhill, and the area behind the pavilion was a downhill as well. I really like the setup on Sunday, I felt it was a more technical course, than Saturday.
I didn't really know what to expect this weekend. I was sick with a sinus infection starting last week Saturday. I stayed home from work on Monday, and only worked a 1/2 day on Tuesday. Pretty much all I did was sleep, even later in the week. I got out on Friday for a easy hour ride, but I was pretty tired by time I got done.
Saturdays race I was really feeling the lack of riding, and effects of being sick. The run up was my biggest problem, it was the only place I got passed. I never really felt like I could make up any ground or hang with any of the guys that passed me. I ended up in 10th, not really what I was looking for, but all things considered I guess not too bad.
Sunday I was pretty sore from Saturdays race, and it was another cold morning. The lungs were really feeling the cold, and the legs were feeling the results of Saturday. The race started really bad for me. I lined up second row, big mistake, behind someone that turned out to be quite slow off the line. I don't know how many guys passed me, but it was a lot. My legs were burning by the time we hit the first little hill and I was not expecting to have a good day. I was able to move to front of the group that I was riding with though, and stayed with them for about 1/2 the lap. Soon as we hit the second flat though I just hammered it. I was able get away from my group and I was feeling pretty good. I rode the rest of the first lap with a rhino and decided to attack him also. It worked and, I was working up towards the next two guys. I rode with them for a while, not really sure how long, and tried to attack a couple of times with no luck. Finally it worked and dropped one of the guys. I kept pushing and I was by myself with a nice little gap. I caught some lapped traffic on the last lap, and wasnt really sure who was and wasnt racing against me. I just kept pushing and was able to ride in for 7th place. Needless to say I was pretty happy with results.
This race I actually started to feel like I did at lower huron. I just wonder how much better I could of done if I wouldn't of got sick last week. Oh well it was a fun weekend, and even coming in dead last at cross makes for a much better weekend than not racing.