Monday, July 16, 2007

Ruby XC

The middle of July and it is time for the Ruby race. The weather turned out to be about perfect, the trail was in great shape, and we had a lot of racers.

Saturday night was the TSB pre-ruby race party. Dave cooked up some spaghetti and the team got to hang out and relax a bit before the race.
It is always fun to get to see everyone, and this is nice because it is not race day when everything is always a bit chaotic.

Bob even hooked up a projector and we watched the team video from the first year. Watching that video there were a lot of people on the team that I didnt recognize. That is definitely not the case with the team last year and this year as well. I think the team has really grown over the last 2 seasons.

Race day!
I decided not race again this year and to help out on the trail instead. It was really amazing watching how fast the elite racers tear through the course. They put up 22 minute laps. That is really impressive considering how technical the trail is.

Team Sandbag was well represented in the race of course with multiple top 5 finishers. Ruby is the type of trail that if you know it counts for at least a minute or two a lap over someone that doesnt know the trail.
We had a lot good feedback on the trail, and on the event that Ruby is becoming. Of course there were a lot of people that really didnt like the wall all that much as they were climbing it, but that is to be expected I guess.

I am training hard for the Stony TT. I have re-evaluated my training and decided to take a month off from racing and try to see some improvements. This year has not been what I was hoping for. We`ll see in two weekends...