Monday, October 26, 2009

Derby City USGP

Pictures are posted on my picasa page. I will add a write up later.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Racing Lower Huron

One of my favorite places to race cross is Lower Huron Metro Park. One of these years I am going to ride the paved trail after the race since it is such a pretty park. I think that is one of the reasons that I like this race so much. I still remember my first time racing here. I was driving in and you can see the run up from the road and I thought to myself what am I doing? I have to run up that. Now I look forward to that run up.

I wasnt sure how I would feel coming into this race. I have been putting in a lot of training on my way to my peak for vets park and Iceman. I stopped on the way and picked up Terry R. since he was having some car problems and got to the race plenty early. This was the first race this year that we had frost on the ground. It wasnt bad though, there was no breeze and the sun was coming out.
We line up and I make sure to get the front row this time after what happened at Munson. The whistle blew and I took off and was feeling really good. I put in a good hard effort and was leading down the paved straight. I could hear the guys gaining on me so I shift up to the big ring, and my chain falls off. I tried to back pedal to get it back on, but it was off too far by then. So I am coasting in the middle of the pack while everyone in my group passes me. They must of the started the next age group too soon because those guys were passing me also. I tried to get out the way and took a look behind me and it looked clear, but I guess I cut a guy off I didnt see. Sorry, but I had to get my chain back on, and I wanted to get out of the middle of the pack. I get it back on quick, but everyone in my group was long gone. I spent the rest of the race trying to get around the slower traffic, end up in a sprint at the line. I didnt know if the guy was in my group or not, and I thought I got him, but he beat me for 9th by .003 seconds or something like that. So what did I learn? Start in the big ring, and make sure the bike is working good. In a 30 min. race there isnt time to make it up unless you are a lot faster than everyone else.
John had another good day of racing and looked really strong in the B race. Terry had a flat so it must of been some bad luck riding down there with us.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Saturday Night Lights

Well no lights for me since I did the C race and it wasnt dark by the time we got done, but it did make for a cool race experience. I must say munson is not one of my favorite races and I was kind of on the fence about doing the race. I need the points, but it is just so far away. But I made the trek down there and am really happy I did. The race was a lot of fun, and it just seemed like everyone was really into it. The course was also pretty cool, different than years past, much more compact with a lot of straight aways out in the flats. John and I were the only TSB guys that did the race, and John did really good.

My bloodsugar was all over the map before race, too much good food at the tailgate party I was at earlier in the day was the cause for that, so I didnt know how I was going to feel in the race. Usually when it is high my legs are dead, when it is all over the place I just feel tired. I got there a bit later than I wanted and was trying to squeeze in as much warm up time on the course as I could, but it seemed like people lined up way earlier than usual. So I got over to the start and was the at back, not where you want to be. So the whistle blows and as we get up the hill I got stuck in traffic, and had work my way up and around a bunch of guys. I saw a big pack forming so I worked my way up to them and sat on for a bit. Seems like I went off the front once it spread out some, and I found myself riding with a couple of guys for a few laps. I couldnt shake them and we stayed together pretty much the whole race. On the last lap on the finish stretch I decided it was time to go. I probably should of done it on the second to last lap, but I am still trying to figure out how much I have in the tank in a race. I didnt want to go too soon and blow up, but with all the hours I have been putting in I am in much better shape than a few years ago. So I stayed away and finished about 12 seconds behind 5th. I feel that if I would of got a better start I would of had a top 5 finish. Oh well, it takes a while for the body to come around and it does for the mind also, but every race I am getting my race smarts back. :)

Next up is lower huron, possibly my favorite in the whole series.