Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lower Huron CX

TSB had 3 racers today, John, Lee and Jason. This was Lee`s first cross race, and it sounds like not his last. The course was very similar to the last few years, with the big run up.
It was a cold start to the C race, with temps in the thirties and frost on the grass.
John picked up a third place finish in the C race and a 2nd in B single speed. Lee finished in 10th place while Jason got 15th after some issues with the course rope.

From Lower Huron 08 B`s

From Lower Huron 08 C`s

From Lower Huron 08 C`s

From Lower Huron 08 A`s, Masters, Elite Women

From Lower Huron 08 A`s, Masters, Elite Women

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What would happen first?

I have wondering that ever since I hurt my leg in the spring. The question was, would I be back riding before the new bridge on the macomb orchard trail was open. Well today I beat it by just a few hours. I was able to get a ride in without too much pain, for about an hour. I had to use a platform pedal, but I was able to ride the bike. It felt so good! I put in a hour on the bike, something I havent been able to do since April. I took it slow, and there was some pain near the end of the ride but so far it is not too bad.
This might be the last warm weekend we have here in michigan for quite a while, so I am planning on getting out tomorrow also.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Stony Creek Cross

Well what a difference a year can make. Last year for the race it was about 90 and humid this year was just about perfect. Cool, sunny, what a fall day should be.
TSB was well represented 4 racers, Jason, John, Ben and Todd #3. This was Todd`s first cross race and managed to pull off a second place finish. Good job! John, Ben and Jason all did well also.
The course was a bit different than last year, a lot more beach to run on, and a log run up were added. The beach run was a bit controversial because when they staked it out, they put the post up on the outside of a cement wall that was about foot high. Well all the racers soon found it and ran on that instead of the sand. I cant say I blame considering how long the beach run was. That was fixed in the later races, no breaks for the A`s racers, not like they need any.

Just out the photo`s link on the side for close 700 pictures I took.