Sunday, January 27, 2008

Surly 96er

So a while back I started seeing some threads about 96er bikes. Basically it is a bike with a 29" wheel and 26" inch wheel. Sometime times the big wheel is in the front, other times it is in the back. Sometimes they are called 96er, other times 69er. Either way it sounded like a interesting concept. Surly makes some really cool bikes, and after doing some digging around online I found out that you can fit 29" wheels into a 1x1 frame, which is normally a 26" bike. The rigid fork will hold up to about a 2.1" 29er tire, and the rear looks like it has a lot of space also. So after a bit of searching I found some used, cheap 29er wheels online. Swapped out the fork with my rigid one, and now I have a 96er.

My first ride on the bike was in fresh snow out at the tree farm. Hard to tell how the bike rides, it took us twice as long as normal to ride the trail. I didnt have any problem getting used the slight geometry change of the bike. Just riding it on the road it felt like it rolled really good. I think that the idea of a 96er or a 650B bike has a lot of potential. It has the benefit of a big wheel up front to roll over things, but the back wheel is smaller and spins up faster.
After more rides on the bike I will update with what I think of it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Trip

Made a quick trip up north this weekend to look at a place we are thinking about getting married. Of course, we picked one of the coldest weekends of the year to take a look at the place. Lots of snow, lots of wind and lots of cold. I wish I had snowshoes or xc ski`s, because there was a lot of snow on the ground.

Just a couple of pictures of the place. It was really pretty with all the snow on the trees, and up north look of the place.

Chappel Area

More to come...