Sunday, January 31, 2010


Decided not to head out to the mmba expo today and ride my bike instead. It was a cold ride, and I am really wishing for spring. I think the Q is almost done finally. I stumbled across a orange salsa liplock on one of the forums. Crazy finding the right size, and color when I was looking for it. If it would of popped up a couple of weeks ago I probably wouldnt of thought about it.

The other good thing about not going to the expo today was being able to watch the worlds from Tabor. Stybar put the hurt on everyone else and just crushed it today. I cant wait until 2013 the world championships are coming to Louisville! This is huge for cyclocross here, and to have it in the mid-west instead of either of the coasts is quite amazing. It has never been in the States before.
So I know where I will be in 3 years!