Saturday, February 28, 2009

What is all this brown stuff on the roads?

Got out on my 20 mile back road loop today. I think this was one of first rides this year where I saw more dirt on the road than snow and ice. There were both today and even mud. Not so happy about that, now I have to clean the bike. I was surprised it was as muddy as it was since the temps were in upper teens when I left the house. The new bike felt great. I swapped around the spacers under the stem and think I have found a really comfortable set up with the flat bar. There are a few minor things I need to take care of though. My back up wheelset, the spokes keeping coming un-done, that is they are coming unscrewed. I had the wheel tensioned and 2 rides later the stupid spokes are loose again. I guess I am either going to have to loctite them on, or get some different spokes. But it is a good time of year to work all the bugs out. Getting the bike up to speed it just flies and seems to float over bumps. I cant wait to get it out on some trails. Hopefully only another month of this stupid winter stuff to go.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still waiting

Well still waiting for the nice weahter to show up. The days are getting longer, but there is still a lot of snow on the trails. I have been riding 4 days a week to meet my work fitness goal. Maybe I will win a I-Pod, maybe not.
Got out on the rail trail last weekend. It was anything from snow and ice to just dirt. I rode the studded tires, which I was thinking I shouldnt have, until I hit the long icy sections. Riding this time of year really makes you miss the warm weather, and reminds you not to take it for granted.