Monday, July 27, 2009

Stony TT

Yesterday was one of my favorite races of the year the stony TT. This was my first mtb race since Iceman 07. After the year I had last year, I am just happy to get out on my bike. Being able to race is just an added bonus. Last year I had this race marked as my comeback when I was going through PT. Well here it is a year later and I finally got to do it.
Going into the race I didnt really have any goals or big aspiriations. I was hoping to be close to an hour. I really didnt have much to base this on, but it seemed to be a reasonable time. I cooked myself on the grass at the start, and it took me awhile to get back under control. I forgot how much it hurts, and the voice in my head telling me stop that I havent heard in a year was back. But I pushed on and settled into a pace. Nothing to interesting happened in the race, I ride stony so much there were no surprises. The trail was great, other than a bit of mud at the river crossings. I ran those, and was reminded that cross season isnt far away, and my running sucks. I rode across the line in 1:04 something. Last time I did this race was in 07. My time was 58 minutes, but the course was shorter. I am happy with 1:04 for my first race, now I know where I stand and can plan from there. Not sure what my next mtb race will be. Maybe I wont do another this season, hard to say.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seven Months with the Seven

Well I think it has been seven months now since I got the IMX. I figured this would be a good time to write a long term review on the bike.
Here is the build:
Custom Seven IMX
Fox F29 fork
I9 Wheels (Arch rims)
Hope floating rotors 160mm
Salsa skewers
King headset
XTR Cranks
XTR dual control shifters
XTR front/rear der.
XTR pedals
XT calipers
XTR Cables
Ritchey WCS 4 axis stem
FSA K-Force light flat bars
Ergon grips
Kent Erikson Sweet post
Specialized Alias saddle
Kenda Karma 2.1

The ride quality of the bike is really close to a full suspension bike. I have been quite impressed with how comfortable the frame really is. I am not sure if it is the bigger tires, the ride quality of the frame or more than likely the combination of many little things, but it really has a great feel to it. I have been able to push much faster through the turns than I could any of my other bikes. It seems as hard as I push it the bike still has more to offer. The stability of the bike is really good also, I still cant track stand it, but climbing off camber parts of the trail and low speed maneuvering is very balanced. I dont know how to describe the feel of the frame other than suspension like. It is not as jarring as my steel frame 29er, and it feels like it skims over the rough stuff at times.
The I9 wheels are strong, roll fast and are light. I had one spoke come loose so far, but otherwise I have not had to touch them. They arent making as loud of a clicking sound as some of my friends wheels that have them for some reason. Maybe they are all a bit different?
The hope rotors have been a pain. I can not eliminate the rubbing from them. The front I had to take off and put a avid rotor on the bike.
I am really liking the Sweetpost. It looks great on the bike, and I think it contributes to the overall ride quality. I had it slip on me twice after I first put it on. I have tightened it down now and no problems.
The Karmas are really good tires for the trails I ride. They just seem to grip and then grip some more. I am debating trying a SB8/Karma setup, but right now I am happy with the karmas.

I really love the bike. Everytime I look at it I just think to myself, that is such a hot bike! :) I have no regrets, it is better than I could ever of hoped for. I really dont see myself getting another mountain bike for a long time.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Riding SS

Took the new SS out for a spin today at stony. I had a 2 hour ride planned, but I forgot how hard riding the SS is. This was the first ride since before I hurt my leg a year and half ago. After a couple of miles my leg started to hurt like it did before. I decided once I got done with the pines I would try moving the seat and see if it helps, if not I would just ride out and go home and get my other bike. I moved the seat forward probably about 3/4" and no more pain. I bumped into masher mike while I was working on the bike so we headed back into the pines and no pain. Hit the roller coaster next and the leg felt fine, but I also felt like I was going to puke. Like I said it has been a long time since I rode a SS on the trails. So we cut out and I took an easy spin around the lake.
I need to change the tires out the ignitors are just way too slow. On my old surly that was way too small for me I would usually have quite a bit of back pain after a ride. All was good today though. The bike felt good, maybe a little rougher riding than the seven, but it felt good. After I put some more miles in on it I will post up a review.