Monday, October 17, 2011

Linden CX

Well I had a game plan going into this race to see if I could finish a bit higher in the standings. Training the last couple weeks has been a challenge, but I was feeling pretty good. The start of the race was a bit of chaos with people blowing through course tape, crashing, etc... I finally start to make some progress passing a few people here and there and then on the 5th lap going around a simple turn, wham I am on the ground. It hurt to say the least, I got up and thought I busted a rib. But I got back on the bike and figured to give it a try. The barrier section hurt, every climb hurt, I basically just rode until I got lapped just before the finish line. I must say I didnt mind getting lapped, I didnt want a DNF so that just made it easier for me. Still havent figured out the B race, Vets park is up next. I used to good there maybe I will get a bit lucky.

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